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Something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained.

Tajnost is a stealth mystery or secret that remains in secrecy because it cannot be understood derived from Czech & Serbo-Croatian Language
Jim: "hey Bob nice to meet you, where did you say you work again?"

Bob: "sorry Jim my work is tajnost"

Jim: "uhm your work is what? im confused"

Bob: "exactly"
by Tajnost October 09, 2010

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Literally translates to "Not crack up".
Said when something is not funny.
The opposite of crack up.

Created by finding the opposite of crack(ed) which is obviously abandonware & the opposite of up which has to be down.
I'm all out of weed and there is no where to get anymore = ABANDONWARE DOWN!

Bob: "hey dude stop dumping stuff all over the place"

John: "I dump that stuff right there for you"

Bob: "Abandonware Down!!!"


Bob: "Did you see that homey on the computer poking the
screen with his back-seat browser brothers bothering everyone?"

John: "Yea it's abandonware down all-right
by TAJNOST June 02, 2011

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Acronym - Stands for "Get That Fuckin Cooker On"

Most usually referring to a cooker like stove of the gas powered sort for people who heat the knifes up and prepare dot sized pieces of marijuana to smoke.
Some people call this method "spots"
Rob: "GTFCO"

Ben: "sweet rollin em dots up now"
by tajnost November 08, 2011

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Faster than faster than fast
bro you can get there way fasterer in a holden
by Tajnost January 05, 2011

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When you're lacking your usual inspiration
Without the sweet leaf I become inspirationless.
by Tajnost February 17, 2011

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