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a phrase meaning "that is true"
Rob: Yo that girl's hot.
Bob: True that.
by Ty February 17, 2004
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To wear two different labels of athletic aparrel at the same time.
Look at that fool wearing an Adidas sweat suit and Nike kicks...why is he perpetratin'?
by Ty January 05, 2005
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Milwaukee is known for beer, dairy products(and lots of them) and where most of the black people live. And where most people divide themselves. Let me quide you on the basics:

Blacks,Hmongs,Whites(although 9:10 the live in the suburban ranch houses)and more hispanics are moving up here which is what we need on the Northside. Other races that live on the Northside are Iranians.

Prodominately Mexican and Polish communities, especially when you go to Mitchell St. It;s this Mexican neighborhood which is pretty cool, When I get older, I want to live or work around there. Other races that live their are Hmongs (very few though!) and some Black people here and there.

Upper Eastside: A perfect balance of Puerto Ricans, Blacks, and Whites. though yes, I may say it is sort of inner city-like but it's kinda cool to me up there. They have a Hispanic food store call Pablo's(not sure if it's spelled correctly) but they have some good food there.

Lower Eastside: Basically downtown. Mostly Whites and Far East Indians live on that side. But I have seen quite a few Black people there. The best parts of downtown Milwaukee:The diverse numbers of restaurants and bakeries, Grand Avenue Mall, the Milwaukee River, the big buildings, and most of all, it's right by Lake Michigan.

Probably the most diverse side of Milwaukee. Everyone from everywhere live there. What more do I have to say?

Milwaukee is ghetto, though. This can be good and bad. On one hand, a lot of Whites and Asians are ghetto, which creates ghettoversity (ghetto diversity) because we already know alot of Hispanics and Blacks are ghetto. But on the other hand, there are just a few people that screw it up for every race. And self-segregation is still here. I know all of this because of the simple fact that I live in Milwaukee. I live on the Northwestside of Milwaukee(so I have a lot of friends of different origins) and I go to school on the Lower Eastside. Oh yeah, one thing I forgot is that 1/4 of the popualtion comes from Chicago. Cheap houses here. Other words for Milwaukee are: Mil-town, Madhouse, Milcity, and Beercollectors.
Yo, I need some fresh beer from , but i ain't old enuff, can you go to Miltown fo' me? Don't worry, it'll only take 'bout 1hour to get there and 2 hours back.
by Ty September 10, 2004
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a term to describe the action of doing' something. It is the same as About just much better.... -ty
Wha chu "BOUTA" be doin? wha chu BOUTA do? .. Im BOUTA smoke this here bowl... -Ty
by Ty March 23, 2004
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A big black kid with a 12 in dick and a 16 incher when he is hard
ROb said MAx's dick looks like a black annaconda
by Ty November 17, 2004
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to insert three or more fingers into another person's anus
"The doctor fronched me during my exam."
by ty July 27, 2004
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A straight man who exudes masculinity, virility, and strength, but expresses it not through crass behavior but rather through a desire to provide for his family, or community. He often will work with hands, and have physical attributes such as facial hair, and a muscular physique. These characteristics are not as highly refined as a metrosexual however. The musculature of a machosexual is likely to not be as defined, or obtained strictly for appearances. The facial hair of a machosexual will also be less controlled.
Vince Vaugn's character in the movie "The Breakup" is a classic machosexual.

The New York Fire Department is full of machosexuals.
by Ty June 19, 2006
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