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Also known as IncubusVoid, evil pepper, and suspendingboy.

This guy rules over the internet, he can do ANYTHING! he writes hacks and stuff, and runs a self written operating system loosely based on Linux. He plays StarCraft and Diablo regularly.
Guy1: Dude, what happened to your computer?
Guy2 (victom): evil soap (or other nickname) hacked me... i am emotionally ruined.
by TOm May 3, 2004
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Same as a french kiss except its down under so its a blowjob for any of you dumb twits
'Charlotte gave me an american kiss last night'
by TOm January 3, 2005
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The art of running amok inside ones computer.
Bugger my computers Crashed! It must be that bloody amokinter again.
by TOm April 30, 2004
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it means lets get on to the next subject...i dont want to talk about this anymore
"Yeah i know you fucked my girlfriend...But aneehoo what did you do today?
by TOm September 28, 2003
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an idea that promotes peace happiness, and anti-racism. Bush doesnt know anything he is just trying to defeat iraq for oil. that money-thriving bastard. he should be casterated.
by TOm April 20, 2003
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An ISP which people who have no clue about computers get and then think they are the coolest people around. Very few people like AOL. Also a company that likes to spam inboxes and mailboxes with ads and trial cds. Most definitions said below this definition are true.
This "lawyer" is most likely just some lonley person who is obssesed with AOL. You can't sue free speech.
by TOm December 22, 2004
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