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MAN-ROID -- or MANROID-- is a nickname for Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez, who was caught taking a banned subtance, and subsequently suspended for 50 games.

Although he was not technically found to be on "steroids", he was found to be on a female fertility drug often used to cycle down from steroid use.
MAN-ROID hit another long home run for Los Angeles. I wonder if it was from all the banned sustances he took as a Dodger.
by TJinSD July 13, 2009
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noun. A specific type of hemorrhoid that is the result of a man being a pita.
I wish I could sit and visit with you Felicia but I've had a bad manroid ever since John decided we're spending too much money on tampons.
by Mari_P September 14, 2018
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When a man is on their period. The male version of a period.
Brooo are you on you're manroid right now ?
by Jj_reckless June 22, 2018
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