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A lucky tray day might happen for many reasons, maybe you had a little too much toco bell, maybe those brownies you ate were in fact exlax brownies, or maybe you just plain have the runs...no matter what the reason, a lucky tray day happens after one takes an unusally large shit, which causes ones o-ring to hang out of thier asshole, at which time a scary midget named Pauly with yellow teeth and orange hair and grease stained paints will kick down the bathroom door adn scream, "It's your lucky tray day!!!" this always causes one to stand up in horror, at which time Pauly runs up behind you and chews on, bites off, and spits your o-ring back in your face he will then proceed to kick you in the balls, you will then most likely run out of the bathroom screaming becuase of the horror that you have just gone through, but when you come to the door, you find a small group of asain tourists who proceed to take pictures of you while you are covered in blood and shit, and then put them on the internet. years later your husband or wife will find these pictures and divorce you becuase she believes you were part of a kinky sex ring of internet porn stars.
"Yo, It was Bill's lucky tray day yesterday...poor guy..."
by TJ Alaimo October 08, 2005
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the most painful lube ever...
Yeah, i used mineral ice too once, yeah, i dont wanna talk about it either...
by TJ Alaimo April 03, 2006
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The most delicious alcoholic drink known to man. created during spring break 2006 by two ingenious teenagers while visiting italy. They noticed that orange fanta was absolulty delicious and so was vodka, why not mix them? well it led to the best drink ever
"Hey girl, i just drank some fantasie, and you be lookin' dayuummm fine, how 'bout you let me a zoom a zoom zoom in ya boom boom?"
by TJ Alaimo April 17, 2006
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