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A porch monkey is normally an afro-american person in one of the southern states. This person is called this because they often sit around on either their own, or some other poor white mans porch.

See nigger, jigga boo and swamp ninja
Father: Look at that damn porch monkey rolling around in my watermelon patch!

Son: Hey Pa! Can we torch him? Can we?

Father: Oh alright, but don't touch my watermelons!
by THe Holy Nazi June 28, 2005
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The term "fuzzy lover" is used to describe someone who is decidedly anti-racist, or does not condone any unfair activity between two races...
Guy 1: What are you doing to that nigger sleeping in that water melon patch surrounded by fried chicken and shiney items?

Guy 2: Sorry mate, didn't know you was a fuzzy lover, but can I throw one more bottle at the coon?
by THe Holy Nazi March 01, 2005
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A jewish snack, people like the guy off fraiser eat them.

If you ask me it's just wierd.

Dilemma: Bagel with a bacon filling?
Oiiiy, what am I doiing here, I shoiuld be in niew yiork eating my baigel!
by THe Holy Nazi March 01, 2005
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A yiddish holy figure who regularly messes up holy circumcisions. I would feel sorry for the poor victim, but hey, he's a jew!
Rabbi: And I'll just make an incision....oiiiy! And I think thats about done...

Baby: *cry*

Mother: You dirty jewish fool! You neutured my only son!
by THe Holy Nazi March 01, 2005
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An interloper is someone from country A, normally of different race than the inhabitants of Country B, who then immigrates into Country B and breeds with everyone, normally producing a coffee coloured population.
Christ, look at those Turkish interlopers. I don't want my childrens children to have hooked noses! Why can't they live in their own country!
by THe Holy Nazi March 03, 2005
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To turk something is to steal it, an aristocratic term developed in the South of England, probably in Hampshire, circo 2002.

A term deriving from the reknowned fact that Turkish people steal more things than upper class white people, therefore rather than stealing something, one would turk it.
Person A: Look at that dirty jigaboo turking that bike!

Person B: Lets go lynch him.
by THe Holy Nazi March 03, 2005
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