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The thing above your head that you can hold on to while driving with a crazy driver.
"I was in a taxi and the guy was all over the place, I was like, 'Holy shit, it's a good thing that bar was there.'"
by The Admiral July 09, 2003
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Crumbs left behind in the bottom of a toaster.
I'm going to have me some toaster leavings
by The Admiral July 08, 2003
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1. Crime dog
2. Used to describe a smell like that of a dog.
3. Libby
"I need to take a shower, I'm getting a bit Mcgruff."
by The Admiral July 23, 2003
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To rock the boxers or ones underwear. When something is really awesome.
"d00d that shit r0x0rd teh b0x0rz."
by The Admiral July 09, 2003
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the greatest organisation Canley vale High school has ever seen. It lasted 3 years before all members had graduated
the wog pak was a group that took over the school
by THE ADMIRAL January 07, 2004
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Bear; makes its home in high forests and dines mostly on fish and psychotropic plants. They are poor spellers and are mystified by commas.
In addition, the use of an awesome actor like the one and only Count Bakula in order to get fans to watch an otherwise craptacualr show constitutes a deceptive business practice.
by The Admiral July 04, 2003
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pure boiling rage, usually during heated telephone exchanges.

by the admiral November 13, 2003
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