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Someone who is never on time to meet his friends, thus stealing (and hoarding) everyones time. A time jew is typically making excuses and justification for their tardiness, and always calling others prejudice against their type.
Every day I wait 15 minutes, beyond our meeting time, for Ajit to meet up with me for lunch. What a typical time jew, stealing all my free time!
by TC Jenkins March 26, 2010
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adj. - favored by fortune, while pretending it was misfortune.
Stemming from the utter joy a one experiences when one "losses" an unborn bastard without having to straight up abort it; especially if the child-factory was refusing to having an abortion.

Often used to sarcastically describe something that is good for you and your boy but bad for someone neither of you give a rats ass about.
Ajit: "Dude, I think that frat kid left his bud at my house after hogging last night."
Evan: "Geesh, that's so abortionate."
by TC Jenkins April 13, 2010
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fuck my country
kelly: "Oh wow, looks like the govt. is going to cut social security and welfare, while doubling our funding to Israel!"
susan: "aww fmc, really?!"

ajit (looking at ent. ratings): "hey so I see justin beiber and a guy named pitbull are currently topping the music charts, while glee and mobbed are the topping t.v. shows."
evan: "fmc, man!"
by TC Jenkins March 08, 2012
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