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-A word used to describe a person who has the capability to determine the subtle differences between grasshopper and cockroach excrement. In the countries of southeast Asia, being dubbed bordinal is considered the highest honor one can receive in his or her lifetime.

-All who feel they may be eligible to be dubbed bordinal must contact The International Committee of Irish Entrepreneurs (ICIE) who will then host a series of complex tests to verify weather or not you meet the criteria for the honorable title.
ICIE: So, tell us, is it grasshopper or cockroach poop?
Ryan: grasshopper.
ICIE: Correct!
Bordinal Ryan: fuck yeah.
by TACOwhisperer August 05, 2011

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The small robot man who controls the function of your anus. Exitron works tirelessly day-in and day-out to make sure no fecal matter falls from your butt hole without a proper notification before hand.

As you reach the age range of 65+, Exitron begins to deteriorate and waste can periodically leak from your anus without prior warning.
Colleen: I've been shitting myself a lot lately, should I be worried?
Scott: Eh, it's probably just your exitron, he may have started to deteriorate recently.
Colleen: Thank Moses! I was worried I had infected taste bud syndrome!
by TACOwhisperer August 07, 2011

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Pronounced flow-pell, is the art of accidentally tripping and falling in such a manner that you are subsequently propelled into another dimention. Flopelling, although uncommon, can only happen to females of hispanic descent between the ages of 11 and 63.
Juanita: Gurlllll I could really use some taco's right about now, i'll buy!
Paola: Sounds SUPA tasty cholita homie gurl.
Juanita: *BZRTYZT*
Paola: Damn gurl! Why you gots to flopell on me like that?!
by TACOwhisperer August 05, 2011

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Someone who is known for nothing other than their ability to shred cheese faster than they can type a fourteen word sentence.
Carlos: I just don't understand, where did he get all that shredded gouda?

Fran├žois: Obviously he's a transhonial, Carlos.
by TACOwhisperer August 02, 2011

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