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sexy car that gets them panties right off.
OMG you drive a festiva!?

*panties come off, intercourse commences*
by T. Polkinghorne July 10, 2008

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Latest action movie craze meant make the viewer feel "in the moment".
Also attributed to big budgets spent on fancy props and trinkets none of which matter since you can't see a damn thing thats going on.
Quantum Of Solace is a good example of shaky camera syndrome.
by T. Polkinghorne November 15, 2008

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first thing you see.
I came into the office at 6am and there she is, right on the front page, taking a dump on freddie's chest.
by T. Polkinghorne March 24, 2008

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A measure of how hungry you are.

Combination of the words: hungry and meter.

I better get something eat soon, my hungrometer is revving high!
by T. Polkinghorne August 12, 2008

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keeping an unkempt apperance
While running endless errands, the young researcher looked deshoveled.
He was constrantly out of breath with messy hair and outdated turtlenecks; keeping an unkempt apperance.
by T. Polkinghorne November 26, 2008

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Attractive female.
These university girls are smoking hot...exhibit A just walked by.
by T. Polkinghorne November 09, 2008

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A declaration of independence from dress down Friday.
Instead of suit and tie, everyone seems to have jeans with some sort of colorful t-shirt.
This defeats the purpose of heterogeneity.

To avoid this, you dress up to stand out and achieve personal relief that you look different then all the other people.
Thus, achieving the original intention of dress down Friday.
Worker 453:
Hey everyone, look at that square Jonas sporting a tie!

Worker 264:
*smile and nod* dress up friday, amigo.
by T. Polkinghorne July 18, 2008

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