2 definitions by Sylvannis

To be more than pissed.

Is usually used as a verb, but can also be used as an adjective with some creativity.
My boyfriend was being an idiot and I got pissed, then he made fun of my handwriting and that made me pister.

When Johnny showed up late for class, the teacher was pissed; but when he said he didn't do his homework, she got pister.
by Sylvannis November 19, 2011
To do something extraordinarily fast or in a noticeably smaller time frame than than the length of time it usually takes.

Originally came from a story where two girls were going to be late for school. They lived about twenty minutes away, but drove so fast, they got to school in eight minutes.

Can be used with the word "under" to add additional speed to the action. This has a similar effect to Over 9000, but should not be confused with it.
Girl: Awh man, we're gonna be late for class...
Boy: Eight minutes! We can do this!

Wow! She totally finished that Statistics test in under eight minutes!
by Sylvannis November 3, 2011