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female masturbation
After watching the hot man-sex scenes in "Brokeback Mountain," Roberta went home to slap the oyster.
by SurlyGirl July 06, 2006
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The painful, very sudden awareness that if one does not get to a toilet quickly, one might crap oneself. Sometimes accompanied by loud abdominal sounds and goosebumps.
In the midst of going down on his girlfriend, Gregg abruptly ran to the bathroom, as he was overcome with bathroom panic.
by Surlygirl July 13, 2006
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Boring suburb in northern Virginia, also known as Annandale, that is full of old white people, hispanic day laborers, MS-13 punks, and Koreans of all ages. Retail signage is often in Korean and the Washington Post has dubbed the area "Koreatown."
The child of career civil servants, Judy was raised in Actiondale, VA, where there isn't much to do if you aren't in a gang and every Korean small business owner drives either a shiny black Mercedes or Avalon with gold trim.
by surlygirl June 02, 2006
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What the middle-aged heterosexual male mind gets an image of when observing two or more hot young women sharing a single cubicle in the overcrowded office.
As Gregg approched the cubicle that the three young summer interns were sharing, steamy thoughts of cubilingus filled his brain and caused him to forget what he why he was headed to their workspace to begin with.
by Surlygirl July 28, 2006
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Condition whereby one is unable to defecate in any sort of public bathroom, or in someone else's home.
After Roberta (and her bashful colon) spent a week in Cancun with her new boyfriend, upon returning to her apartment, she took the largest crap of her life.
by Surlygirl July 13, 2006
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The area between the two "nether holes" on a woman (i.e., if a woman were a bowling ball--manufactured by Brunswick--the space on the ball, between the finger-holes, where the brand name would be stamped)
As she sat by the pool, Roberta said "The crotch lining of my soaking wet bikini bottom is giving me an itchy brunswick."
by surlygirl June 01, 2006
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