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I used to want to be a cop when grew up.

Then I grew a pair.
by SuperMaligan February 22, 2018
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Someone who wishes to remain alive rather than risk his life in a conflict he had no part in starting.
Fritz is trying to prolong his own life, rather than join the army, let's execute the traitorous coward.
by SuperMaligan March 12, 2015
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Music that one keeps under the floorboards or otherwise hides because
a) it's so good you have to have it nearby to listen too and
b) you can't risk someone finding out you like this stuff.
If you to look cool and alternative put some black metal and Avant-Garde Jazz albums on prominent display. It's OK to like Mileu Cyrus or Justin Beiber but they're more like floorboard music.
by SuperMaligan March 11, 2015
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Connie loved the company of sexy girls, especially a young, pretty leslita.
by SuperMaligan February 24, 2015
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Someone who is attracted to both sexes and can find a romantic relationship with people of any gender.
In a nutshell both bisexual and panromantic.
Anyone could have a chance with Charles, he's pansexual.
by SuperMaligan August 22, 2015
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A publication that is intermediate between a book and a magazine.
"Gothic & Lolita Bible" is a quarterly mook and essential reading for anyone who wishes to enter the Lolita subculture.
by SuperMaligan December 13, 2014
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