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1. Bear claw specialist.

2. Involved in the worst kind of physically brutal sexual intercourse that England has ever known.

3. An incredibly hairy creature, the real reason behind recent sightings of Bigfoot and other mythical monsters, such as King Kong.

4. A gaze which is capable of impregnating a woman on sight.
Woman: I feel something kicking inside of me suddenly

Man: Dude, you must have just been Penswicked!
Man 1: Dude, i think i just saw Bigfoot!!

Man 2: Nah dude, thats just Penswick, leave it alone, it'll find a woman to impregnate.
Woman 1: That was some rough sex last night, I feel like I have been Penswicked!!
by SummerOnions August 07, 2008
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The ability to consume obscene amounts of alcohol without any affects or inebriation whatsoever.
Man 1- See that guy there? He's been drinking straight for five hours and he is still playing cricket!!

Man 2- I know! he totally pulled a Penswick!
by AlfieMale August 22, 2008
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