4 definitions by Sue Johanson

Fuckinnnnnnnn genius! I wanna marry this man. .
..David Firth is animation God.
by Sue Johanson March 30, 2005
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-a sexy creature
-turns your crank
man im lonely. i wish there was a DARIC around to have sexual relations with!
by Sue Johanson March 19, 2005
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when you claim to be just friends but really everybody knows that that would probably be the farthest thing that you guy are "just"
-SEXUAL relationship
"u guys! hes just my friend" *thinking in head* yeah right we are. i wanna hop his bones right now.
by Sue Johanson March 20, 2005
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Scott Greene- as in he wants to be a mother fucker, meaning he wants to fuck someone who is in posession of a child or children.
"man i want to fuck kelsey's mother real bad, that shit is hot"
by Sue Johanson April 25, 2005
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