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Hands down the best band I've ever heard.
Extremely talented group of musicians led by (deceased) Brad Nowell.
My favorite sublime songs:
40 oz. to Freedom, Gretest Hits, Doin' TIme, Garden Grove, Smoke 2 Joints, Badfish, Get Out, Dont Push, 5446/Ball and Chain, DJs, Steppin Razor, Saw Red, Cisco Kid, S.T.P, Boss D.J., Freeway Time in LA COunty Jail, Pool Shark, April 29, 1992, What I Got, Wrong Way, Santeria, Jailhouse, Caress Me Down, Get Ready, Romeo, Ebin, Rivers of Babylon, KRS-One
"Just let the lovin' take ahold"
by Sublime December 18, 2004

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the malaysian way of laughing, often referred to as 'ekek', 'kakaka', or an underline/bolded combination of the two.
Why'd the chicken cross the road.
To get to the other side.
by sublime July 09, 2002

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95 cent plus depo Beer (malt liquior)
Hey Im broke lets get some Red Dog tongight
by Sublime November 25, 2003

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to "rock"
sublime r roxor joor soxors.
by sublime July 09, 2002

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A game that geeks consider the best game ever made, a game better than sex. If you're one of them, you deserve to hang yourself and die because it's just a fucking game that geeks die for.
"I love halo 2 more than my mom"
by sublime November 06, 2004

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One of the few good modern rock bands.

Best grunge band ever by far.Because they're the "ONLY" grunge band that didn't sound like fuck!

Not even close to being the best rock band ever though.

And even further from being the best band ever.
Certainly a hell of alot better than Pearl Jam.What has that guy got a dildo up his ass or something?

The best thing about Nirvana is they spelled the end of Guns N'Roses.
by Sublime November 29, 2004

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