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Depo is an abbreviation of Depressed and can be used in many ways such as:
"That kid alex is sooo depo since he left school"
"I am a depo emo boy"
by gorga April 25, 2007
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Depo-Provera. A birth control solution given as a shot. Contains synthesized hormones similar to those in convential birth control pills. Administered as a shot every few months to prevent ovulation.
I asked my girlfriend to start getting depo shots because I didn't want her to get pregnant by my good for nothing sperm.
by sMOKEsTACK July 27, 2005
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1. Asshole
2. Dumbass
3. Blind to the world.
4. Someone your about to rip off
5. Best Buy slang for a needy customer
Someone who is blind to the world and a jerk at that. Jimmy is a flipping depo!
by Sketch Agui February 23, 2005
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Short for Home Depot. Depo is the highest insult to a person's intelligence that one can make, above Hardware store, Toolshed, Toolbox, and Tool.
Bob: Billy still uses Internet Explorer.

Joe: We've always thought he was a Depo, this is just the final nail in his coffin.
by CoonDawg1 November 03, 2008
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depressed; sad; untollerable
Aw, poor Mrs.Due, she seems depo!
by Carissa November 23, 2003
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Very cool / atractive person who has a lot of friend but has a depression
depos is good at video games but hate his reallife
by keokennapseelv May 20, 2018
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