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the act of using the hormone testosterone to hump all that is in sight and within arms length. The cause of AIDS.
After Scott hit puberty his testosterone turned into a rabbit rape fucking frenzy of testosterbone.
by StumpyStumps June 25, 2010

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a cousin of the bean bag, only it's actually edible. Careful if you have back issues, these seats are lumpy, crunchy, and impossible to roll out of.
Dave: Why didn't Rick come home after the we played xbox?
Todd: He got stuck in that cashew bag and just ended up eating it and now he can't move.
by StumpyStumps June 25, 2010

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when the kidney is kicked so hard that it shoots into the brain causing a stroke. Fortunately we have two kidneys, unfortunately this only increases the risk.
Tom: Did you hear what happened when Josh's girlfriend kicked him with her heals on?
Jack: No, dude, but I know she's a blackbelt
Tom: He had a kidney stroke
by StumpyStumps June 25, 2010

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1. occurs when one steps in a large pile of poop and most of the log sticks to the bottom of the foot or shoe.

2. when a child rubs their candy bar on the bottom of their bare feet to prevent other children from stealing it.
1. Thanks to the neighbors dog, I got the worst snicker foot when I was mowing their lawn.

2. Don't eat Johnny's candy! I saw him snicker foot it!
by StumpyStumps June 25, 2010

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the act of beating a fish senseless and then eating it's flesh...er scales before it is dead. A step away from cannibalism-like behavior. Practiced worldwide by small tribes, toddler orphans, and ginger kids.
Brandon: I saw this guy by the river beating the shit out of this fish, and then he stuffed it in his mouth. He choked to death and died before the fish did, it was weird man!
Charles: Yeah, that's flounder poundage for ya.
by Stumpystumps June 25, 2010

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when a hostile neighbor or mexican landscaper runs over the garden gnome with a lawn mower or demolishes it with another yard tool. Crazy cat ladies or the elderly then perform a burial for their wooden trolls.
Cole: Why does grandma have all those little dirt spots in the backyard?
Eddy: Well, she shot the neighbor's dog so he decapitated all her garden decorations with a chainsaw. All those dirt piles are freshly dug graves we are going to put the gnomes in after the gnome funeral or their spirits will kill children like you and I, Cole.
by StumpyStumps June 25, 2010

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An obvious Oxymoron.
Let's just be honest, you've got as much of a chance as opportunity trailer park.
by StumpyStumps June 25, 2010

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