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College prep school in massachusetts. A few hot guys, tons of hot girls. Very challenging academics, kick ass sports, esp ice hockey. The school is right on the water and all the kids are loaded. They kick exeter, andover and anyone elses ass because they know how to party.
boy 1: wow.. that chick is mad hot, and smart too
boy 2: of course she is, she goes to Tabor...
boy 1: i should have guessed, shes so sexy!
by student December 14, 2004

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Randolph-Macon College “The country club of higher education” is located in the small hamlet of Ashland, VA. This selective undergraduate institution is known for its personal one on one interaction with professors and the slogan “Your way right away”. This however is only the surface. Randy-Mac is all of the above but more. We rock the prep style. Ladies in Lilly and pearls, and men in POLO. We wear boat shoes and duckies like they are going out of style. Pastels rule and we aren’t afraid to pop our collar. Our Greek system rivals most large state universities, we just pay more. Some might call it paying for friends, but we think we are just better then you. Greek life is the social scene on campus. When 50% of your campus is affiliated, if you are not one, you better be friends with one. Sunday brunch is the most attended meal, that’s only if you can get up before 2pm. Everyone here was Mr. and Mrs. popular in high school, so of course, the rumor mill is as strong as ever. Thus, the reason for Sunday brunch. If you want your shit kept a secret, go to your public state university. Most students hail from the suburbs of Mid-Atlantic cities, and the occasional international student, who is most likely trafficking the drug scene on campus. People might say that our campus is full over overdressed, snobby, WASPS, and that but drink and party. We feel as though, we worked hard in high school, and it’s a four year party. Because it’s not like we actually have to get jobs after graduation. We can just call one of daddies’ golf buddies for a cushy mid-level corporate job. So why not live it up. If you think that’s bad, well then we don’t feel sorry for you. When some one says “28 days later” you don’t think of the movie. Most students associate this with the final day of J-Term/Play-Term by referring to the full month of alcoholism. To prove it, just look ask the librarian. She will tell you that the library closes 3 hours early in this term because of the lack of attendance. Spring semester is the time of year to let loose, party up, and generally have a good time. Its exactly like fall semester, but now outside on the lawns, fields, and the river banks. Sports are widely attended when held outside, because we can be completely intoxicated and get a tan at the same time. If you like this and this is what you want to become, then please, by all means, apply! But if you’re ugly, you might want to ask for plastic surgery for graduation.
Any student in attendance.
by Student April 19, 2005

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um... its not all white kids. ur just jealous... and btw... most freshman can't drive!
sage Hill
by student April 04, 2004

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There is no real cafeteria so underclassmen run around hoping birds won't shit on them. Many girls don't wear the same outfit once and have new drama every fucking day. The girl's drama always involves a guy. While the hardcore raider fans aka ghetto kids drive nice cars to school but act like they are from compton. The guys think they are hot shit if they get wasted every weekend and most the kids at school drive nicer cars than the teachers. A SRV student's weekend consists of looking for a place to get drunk than ending up at inn n out. Most kids at the school are either stupid or smart.
Girl 1: Ashley totally hooked up with Jason at the party last night!!
Girl 2: What a bitch!!
Raider guy 1: I am going to key that bitch's escalade!!
Raider Guy 2: Yea lets fuck that shit up!
by student January 26, 2005

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Youngish man, yet suffering from serious balding. Light blonde hair nearly as pale as his skin. Sarcastic, funny, some may call this man Evil Incarnate. Will kill any who use the first name. Most likely berates students heavily in order to compensate for insecurities.
"Oh man, did you hear steffin's lame ass joke?"
"No, I was too busy squirming in agonizing blindness caused by the glare on his bald spot"
by Student April 17, 2005

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The Spanish "ER" verb meaning to teach Biology terribly.

Can be conjugated into all forms of present, past and future tenses with no irregular endings

Example: Present tense, Yo-Geisingo
El profesora geisinge biologia.
by Student March 04, 2005

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Worst school in the entire district. English class is taught by an English teacher who can barely speak English. A student asked me what blue cheese smelled like when I tried discussing politics and world affairs with him.
"I'm afraid to talk to the kids at Dante Alighieri Academy because I'm afraid my IQ will drop."
by Student September 28, 2004

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