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Similar in process to a Dirty sanchez. There are 2 times this can be done:
1) When a man, after anal sex, puts his finger inside a girl (or guy's) ass and takes alot of shit on his finger and wipes the crap above the his partner's lip, which resembles a hitler-like moustache.
2) A sleepover prank. When someone is sleeping wipe shit on above their lip.
The only diffrence between a shitler and a dirty sanchez is that a shitler is thicker and has more crap then a dirty sanchez.
1) Yo you gave that guy at the sleepover a shitler?
2) Yeah but i didnt bang him up the ass!!
by Striker7x February 03, 2005
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A covert operation to illegally gain enterance to a targeted building or residence to aquire Files and documents.
man 1) We suspect that the mole is Alex. All we need is some hard shit to bust his ass.
Man 2) I already got a green light for a Black Bag. Ill have a team down at his house tonight.
by Striker7x February 12, 2005
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HEAT missile: Stands for High Explosive Anti Tank. Can be used in Weapons such as an AT-4 Viper Antitank weapon, or can actually be used in a tank.
Often reffered to as just HE (High explosive)

THese rounds are designed to efficently disable the tank and peirce heavily armored vehicles
Commander: "Heavy Troop Crawlers spotted over the bridge. Load HEAT Rounds!"
Loader: "Roger! HE round coming up!"
by Striker7x February 12, 2005
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An original word meaning:
1) A Gay Person who is a "gay pornstar" and makes gay videos hence "Man" star.
2)Anyone Just downright Gay
Yo, John is a freakin manstar on Men4Sale.com!
by Striker7x February 02, 2005
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Can also be reffered to as coke phlegm, coke cough, or pepsi spit.

when you drink coke or pepsi you will get a lasting taste of coke or pepsi in your mouth. For the next few minutes to the next half hour you will have coke spit.

When you spit it will be blackish coke colored and it will taste of pepsi or coke.
Bob drank a can of coke and when he was walking down the street he left a trail of coke spit

Mike drinks a can of pepsi
"dammit now i got coke spit!!"
by Striker7x August 17, 2005
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