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An up and coming rapper born and raised on the southern side of Nassau, Bahamas,

More commonly known as the Dirty South.
Stinkin codey is one of the best southside rapper I’ve ever seen!
by Stinkin Codey July 9, 2022
The southern area of Nassau, Bahamas staring from buttonwood ave known by the locals as (the gaza or gaza stretch)
And ending at faith ave.
Corners labeled no go zones are( avacado st, sugar apple st, wild guava ave, cottonwood st, buttonwood ave, Gilbert st, east st, Cambridge dr, Zion blvd, Emile dr, Jamal dr, Malcolm rd, behind the washouse 🚫, whole faith ave area and the area between faith united rd and sunrise rd 🚫) these areas are no go zones for anyone that is not a local due to the high amount of gang activity within but, if you happen to find yourself in one of these no go zones and someone asks you who you are or were are you from repeat this phrase “ buii uknohago southside ” and hold 4 of your fingers from your right hand facing down. This will help you get of most sticky situations, have a dirty day.


The Dirty South
by Stinkin Codey July 9, 2022