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To get robbed at gun point in your own home
Yo, I just got home invasioned last night..they tied me up in a knot, and took every damn thing that I got.
by Steve-Rob September 08, 2006

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50 cent's way of saying he'll kick your ass.
"I'll whoop your head boy, you know I will, I'll whoop your head boy, with the back of the steel."
by Steve-Rob October 06, 2006

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When someone passes the blunt (or joint) and has to pass it to someone else because they can't reach or someone else is in the way, and that person then takes the blunt, hits it once, and passes it to who its supposed to go, and if they cop an attitude just be like yo dude it's a taxi fee.
"Dude why are you hitting the blunt it's supposed to go to me"..."Taxi fee bro."
by Steve-Rob September 12, 2006

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Kill slow is either HIV or AIDS. Most often used as an insult.
Stay away from that bitch, she's got the
Kill Slow!!
by steve-rob February 12, 2009

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