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From the Scottish slang word "bawbag", meaning (literally) scrotum (ball-bag) and (figuratively) idiot.

Bawbaggery is the result of all of life's obstacles, bureaucracy and annoyances.

These are usually the result of (and for the benefit of) officious, awkward bawbags.

Speed cameras, offside decisions and middle-managers are good examples of bawbaggery but the word can be used to define the bigger issues that cause life to be less than it could be.

Working for a living is bawbaggery of the highest order.
by Steve Jesus May 18, 2007

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Sackage is a postmodern word that has evolved into meaning "the good things in life".

It started in the Scottish Borders town of Selkirk with local menace Dr Crack, initially referring to being desirous of being sacked from her job. The actual name of the employer is unknown to scholars, who point to a variety of nicknames, such as; The Death Star, Arse Factory and Soul Toilet.

The true identity of Dr Crack is also a mystery to academics, due to the number of alternate nicknames bandied about.

The word has, as previously said, evolved into meaning all of the little things that make life bearable for the working stiff. A night in the pub could definitely be sackage, as could a good book, friendship, or even simple pleasures like stuffing oneself full of junk food additives at lunchtime and buzzing one's way through a dull afternoon at work.

The antonym for sackage would almost certainly seem to be bawbaggery.
It's time to leave work. Now, that's sackage!
That beer was pure sackage.
It's all about the sackage.
by Steve Jesus May 18, 2007

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A simple, yet sexy word to describe the most erotic of moments between two, or more people (as well as, on occasion, one large person). This, so far, is a word known only in the south of Scotland and certain parts of Australia. It means sex, drugs, rock n' roll and erotic bathing. The original source (person / thing) is, as is often the case, lost in the mists of time / steam of the bathroom.
The best examples of Quinnbath are found in music. The songs "Gay Bar" by Electric Six and "Love Shack" by the B52's have famously been amended, with the every mention of the title replace with "Quinnbath". There are countless other examples, but these are the best and, as a result, the best known.
by Steve Jesus February 25, 2008

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Obviously (and not unreasonably), the opposite of bawbaggery. A good description is the antonym of bawbaggery, sackage. This "non"-definition exists mainly as a sarcastic play on words. Rather than using a positive word, the user mocks the negativity, by adding the prefix "not". Often, this phrase is a act of defiance towards the officious, annoying idiots that conspire to make life awkward.
"The local authority overturned the parking ticket some bawbag put on the ambulance when we stopped for bacon rolls, that's not bawbaggery!"

"A good beer at lunchtime, not bawbaggery, ahoy!"
by Steve Jesus February 26, 2008

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