6 definitions by Stephen Olsen

1. The chosen one who was born to kill/refute newbs (newb), campers, and other people who use cheaper or dishonorable tactics to acheive a victory.

2. Anyone who has characteristics resembling "The Fink."
"I will destroy you and your evil plan, for I am The Fink"
by Stephen Olsen December 12, 2005
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1. A very common name for the game Rock-Paper-Scissors (see Rochambeau). Also written Row-Sham-Bo.

2. A game created by the TV series South Park where two people hit each other in the crotch until one either falls down in pain or simply gives up.
1. Hey, I'll roshambo ya for the last piece of pizza!

2. Ha! You fell down, I get it!
by Stephen Olsen March 9, 2006
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The Latin word for phoenix, often used unknowingly by people who either can't type phoenix or who are purposely mis-typing phoenix whether as an insult or to make themselves look "cool."
"Carmen ad fenix est bellae."
"<The> song of the phoenix is beautiful"
by Stephen Olsen March 9, 2006
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A formal challenge to battle. The attacker sends a batchall to the defender, who tells the attacker what forces he/she is going to defend with. The attacker then tells the defender what forces he/she will use, normally less to acheive the greatest possible honor.
Clan Wolf sent a batchall to the garrison commander on Mallory's World during their Trial of Possesion.
by Stephen Olsen February 19, 2006
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1. A French general who was in command of 6,000 troops during the American Revolution, fought with General Washington at Yorktown.

2. A name used originally by people playing Ultimate (Ultimate Frisbee) for the game Rock Paper Scissors. Used to determine who would throw first. Also written Roshambo and Row-Sham-Bow.

2. A different game under the same name created by the TV show South Park where two people would kick each other in the crotch until one of them would fall over or give-up, used to determine the winner of an argument.
1. Comte de Rochambeau only fought in a few battles because he mostly remained at port to defend the French Fleet.

3. We won the rochambeau, so we throw the frisbee first.

4. You collapsed first, you have to pay the bill!
by Stephen Olsen March 9, 2006
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A mythical creature believed to live for centuries, roughly the size of an eagle, whenever it came near to death it would burst into flames and be reborn in the ashes. Its song is said to be the most beautiful sound in the world and its tears were said to heal any illness or wound. Sometimes believed to be constantly aflame or able to light itself on fire at will.
"Listening to the phoenix's song, the warrior fell into a deep trance-like state."
by Stephen Olsen January 13, 2006
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