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The word Oaktown is attached primarily to the City of Oakland, Ca. The third largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area. The City of Oakland is split almost in half by highway 580. Viewing Oakland from an arial view the west side of highway 580 is mainly on the flats. This side is plagued with high crime rates (gun-shot homicides, strong-Arm Probberies, pussy pimps, crack, hookers, heroin and so on...) low quality or low end public schools. Unfortunately a hard place for children to grow-up and thrive. The east side of 580 or better labeled as Oakland Hills is filled with rolling hills, plus million

dollar homes, good schools and great views. The disparity between the two sides is great. Oaktown though still has its beauty and much talent flourishes out of its mist. Oaktown still creates some of the most talented musicians, smartest

people and most diverse communities so on in the world. The high crime rates and needing to watch your back more so than most anywhere else keeps individuals on there feet where only the strong survive.Cool weather, cool people, down to earth living, the heart of commerce, great food, high crime, a lot less fools than you may think, and so on make Oaktown the most hardcore, most diverse, most of most extremes good and bad places to live in in the world. Give it up to Oaktown.
it is best when we roll through Oaktown, especially late night, we keep down low from the rollers and our eyes open for strollers.
by Stathara February 03, 2011

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The act of giving bad or false information to a third party that is close to the primary party in order to gain better positioning.
George's Trojan Horse Disbursement to Shannon, which was communicated to Russell, her friends opposing attorney, gave George an advantage since Russell used this false data that ended up very disadvantageous to his case against George.
by Stathara February 07, 2011

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"Eat the Cheese" is a homosexual term for "the act of milking the last remnants of semen from a penis after an orgasm. A derogatory term usually associated with nasty far fetched sexual encounters between two men where one is the dominant commanding the submissive to do what he is told.
Eat the cheese boy! Eat the cheese from my dirty ole dick.
by Stathara February 03, 2011

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