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Period calories don’t count!
Jessica: ughh I got my period yesterday

Katie: omg your so lucky
Jessica: wtf why
Katie: pcdc am I right
Jessica: factsssss
by Squishysquid457 January 17, 2019

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A giant poosplosion after eating a bunch of fried food.
Oh dude I just ate a bloomin’ onion at Outback and now I feel some wicked fryarrhea comin on!!
by Squishysquid457 May 22, 2019

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Fear of tampons
Sally: ew you still use pads?? Why?

Keri: because I have vagidentophobia duh.
Sally: sis u needa get over that tampons are so much better.
by Squishysquid457 April 22, 2019

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Your camp friends that you love more than the entire planet but don’t get to see that often because they live far away.
Dylan: I haven’t seen my campies since camp. I really need to make plans with them soon.
by Squishysquid457 February 22, 2019

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