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(Adj) A physical appearance suggesting an individual has lived a tough existance; usually as a result of substance abuse. The term originates from the distinction between a car that has "city miles" versus "highway miles."
I really don't believe that Kate is 32. If she really is that age, she's got some serious City Miles.
by SquareMike Jewpants November 18, 2004

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A locker room or shower where guys see one another naked.
I love to frequent the tea room at the University if Kansas because the regular guys using the gym share the same showers as all of the straight boys on the swim team.
by SquareMike Jewpants November 13, 2004

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A person with ancestery from modern day Iran, but contemptuous of the current regime. Most persians live in Great Neck, New York or Beverly Hills, California. They tend to be wealthy and live in large homes with very little furniture. Flashy watches and cars are requirements for all persian men. As a general rule, they are very loyal to other persians and equally sneaky when dealing with non-persians.
Is Matt retarded? He's actually considering going into business with that persian guy and his father.
by SquareMike Jewpants October 26, 2004

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