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When you pull your balls up around your cock and use your balls sack to masturbate with.
I wanted to simulate a fat chick, so I started tacojacking
by sqitso July 20, 2010

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A jelly tug is masturbating with any type of jelly or jam
I ran out of KY so I decided to use grape jelly for a nice jelly tug.
by Sqitso July 15, 2008

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John Cock is what you get if you kiss a prostitute.
After kissing the hooker I could taste John Cock.
by sqitso March 31, 2008

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Aggression towards another. Derived from throw down the gauntlet during the age of knights, carried into the wild west to refer to gunslinger fights, and now can be mixed into every form of aggressive behavior towards another individual or individuals.
You gonna stand there looking stupid, or are you gonna throw down?
by sqitso August 12, 2009

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USPC is the acronym for Unexceptible Sensativity to Political Correctness. When a person or persons over-react to words or ideas that are offensive, only when taken out of context.
USPC would be someone being offended if the word nigger is used in a history book. The word is only being used to quote an exact statement made in history, yet someone over-reacts and trys to sue the book publisher.
by sqitso January 11, 2009

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Butt Rice is a segment from a parasitic worm that crawls out of a feline's rectum. The segment of worm breaks off and crawls out of the cat's ass. The segment is white and resembles a piece of moving rice.
My cat had worms really bad and kept dropping butt rice on my table.
by sqitso August 30, 2010

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A table party involves the use of a glass table, and a minimum of two people. One person lays under the glass table, while the other person takes a shit on the glass. Table parties are one of the few shit party games, as several people can participate at once.
I ran out of glass cleaner while cleaning up after last night's table party.
by sqitso March 31, 2008

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