5 definitions by Spleargedass

It is a step under being a drag queen

Your not a queen so your a princess so everything is still under the radar
by Spleargedass June 10, 2019
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When she gets turned on and undos your belt let's down your zipper and pulls down your pants or your shorts or your sweats or your underwear to play with your private parts
Bro she was soaked I was pants down behind the building
by Spleargedass June 2, 2019
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Candice is very sexy and likes her some BBC especially Dominics she's smart fun and has a good heart and is really funny she's pretty awsome
Candice is pretty awesome
by Spleargedass June 1, 2019
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Dominic is a soaker a female magnet one minute the ladies are talking to him the next minute there pulling his pants down he will make you want his dick stuck down in your throat he's one sexy man amazing during sex he's probably got a female stalking him right now he's a really great guy though
Dominic is pretty fucking sexy
by Spleargedass June 1, 2019
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