15 definitions by SpeakEasy

a fan of the band the White Stripes; from the band's Peppermint Star logo
My friend and I are hard-core candy cane kids.
by SpeakEasy November 8, 2003
A fanfiction or chapter of a fanfiction in which characters graphically fool around, but do not actually have sex.
The third chapter of this Smallville fanfiction is a lime.
by SpeakEasy September 29, 2003
one with little talent or success; a contestant who loses the contest
Cold Mountain look like it's on its way to being an Oscar also-ran.
by SpeakEasy January 3, 2004
Lots of mindies have gone into production in the last ten years.
by SpeakEasy August 9, 2004
In fanfiction; the movie, TV show, book or other medium that a fanfiction is written about.
Smallville and Harry Potter are very popular fandoms.
by SpeakEasy September 29, 2003
an avid fan of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "The Phantom Of The Opera"
Phans are more likely to appreciate the film adaptation than other people.
by SpeakEasy December 25, 2004