11 definition by Sonic

A once internet forum which is sadly now dead. A great place filled with crazy people and avid, frequent Battles of the Sexes.
1. Ochroma pwns u!
by Sonic June 26, 2004

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Some idiot who tries to take over Mobius with a really annoying army of easily defeated robots. Then I have to somehow sneak into his base and destroy his evil monsters or badniks or whatever. Every single damn day! God, I hate that bastard...
Dr. Eggman is a fuckin' bastard.
by Sonic July 15, 2003

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The exact opposite of explode
Not only did she suck the skin off my dick, but, she made my balls implode. I think even my ass caved in.
by SONIC March 14, 2004

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Synonym for bitch/mole
Damn that woman is such a kells
by Sonic October 20, 2003

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