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A very mentally and physically degrading class implemented by the Illinois government because children are getting fat. It does not benefit children in any physical or mental way but rather has been linked to multiple personality disorder, chronic eating problems, hatred for exercise, suicide, fights, detentions, abdominal pain, explosive vometing, head injuries, broken bones, homosexuality, vandilism, fatuige, poor quiz and test scores, spontanius heart attacks and strokes, teacher brutality, and athsma attacks that can lead to brain damage or death.
I hate gym class
by some one September 13, 2003

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a hot arab who loves to play with his instrument and also play girls
ameen aka playa
daaaaaaaaaaaaamn-ameen is so hot he must be iraqi
by some one March 04, 2005

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A sexy bitch.
Mey is a sexy bitch.
by Some one July 29, 2003

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A bastardization of 'for real', which is a bastardization of 'true that', which is a bastardization of 'that is true'.
fo' rizzle dizzle, ma shizznit iz up thizzle fo' shizzle.
by some one November 26, 2003

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Discribing one who is good and great. Derived from the conversations of Teen Girl Squad.
I feel grood this evening; the day has gone well for me.
by Some One October 21, 2004

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An affluent area in Los Angeles also known as Hancock park. has a routy groop of teenage kids who reside there
The cops busted 8 parties in HP last saturday!

by Some one February 04, 2005

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also known as carless chris.
Look at quibus over there!
by Some one February 13, 2005

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