3 definitions by Sociophage

Someone who is a polygamist but wants everyone with him to stay monogamist.

Someone who is selfish and wants to fuck lots of women but doesn't want to share his women with others.

Essentially a MonoPoly.
Hey Michael, are you mono or poly?

Neither, I'm a monopolist.
by Sociophage April 26, 2016
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Overgrown vagina bush!, cunt mustash, cunstash.
Hey sweety your cuntstash is showing., Sweetheart you might want to wax your cuntstash.
by Sociophage March 10, 2015
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Socioslap (sos ee O - slapt)

When one's soul has been utterly destroyed, by an encounter with sociopath.

World Eater, Coquette, Cleopatra, Charlie Sheen "WINNING!"

Antonyms: Conscience
The women I was dating seemed charming and charismatic until I was socioslapped to the face.
by Sociophage June 11, 2013
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