6 definitions by Snow/Ruby

AFK mean away from keyboard and i didn't know that at first until i heard it
Person #1: I'm gonna be AFK for a few minutes
Person #2: your gonna be away from keyboard...ok
by Snow/Ruby May 27, 2021
Something that keeps you warm when you go to sleep or take a nap
Child: I'm going to sleep mum.
Mother: Okay don't forget to use a blanket it;s really cold today.
Child: I'm already in a blanket.
by Snow/Ruby May 27, 2021
Adrien a blind person who can not see Marinettes love for him
Adrien: Oh Marinette. ShE's JuSt A fRiEnD.
Alya: (Goes Crazy)
by Snow/Ruby June 3, 2021
Sabrina a character from the tv show Miraculous Ladybug: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. She does all of Chloe's work and school asiments and Chloe even got Sabrina upset that SHE GOT AKUMATIZED.
S: Yes Chloe
C:Did you do my work
C:Good. Now Go
by Snow/Ruby June 3, 2021
My Roblox Gacha Online boy friend. IDK how and why even though he killed my Roblox Family I'm over it I love him, My Name on Gacha Online is both Ruby and Snow. IDK how i met him but when i read his bio it said on the LIKES coloum it said RUBY and i liked him back.(im also blind on that game) (Alex is also an alpha so i call him alpha)
Me:Hi alpha
Me:Could you heal my scar
we became friends th bf and gf
by Snow/Ruby June 3, 2021
types in: I AM SO BORED
Thinks to self: I AM SOOOO BORED ima watch youtube
by Snow/Ruby June 3, 2021