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The right-wing tendency to make completely ridiculous claims based on flimsy or downright nonexistent evidence. Often followed by demands that opponents prove that something that has never happened actually never happened.
Obama is a Muslim, cap and trade will lead to ridiculous gas prices, everybody in the country actually has health insurance-- nothing but typical Republillogical fairy tales.
by SmoothRob June 27, 2009

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Internal gauge that triggers irrational and illogical fears of people unlike yourself.
As soon as they realized Barack Obama was a serious candidate, the boogeymanometers went haywire.
by SmoothRob June 28, 2009

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A temporary medical condition, characterized by restlessness, irritability, and a lost-in-space appearance, resulting from a prolific reader's Nook (or similar ebook reader) needing to be charged. The symptoms are particularly pronounced during extended car or plane trips.
Just as my wife was getting to the end of the new Patricia Cornwell novel, her Nook had to be charged. I had to put up with 3 hours of a complete Nookatine fit.
by Smoothrob July 13, 2011

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