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Norwegian artist making tropical house, also known as audio-garbage. People listening to Kygo include teenagers and adults in their 50-somethings trying to be hip.
"john is throwing a party friday, you going?"
"no man, they'll probably be playing Kygo all night"
by SmokinHotGinger September 5, 2016
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when two bros have had sexual action with the same chick

dude 1: hey man, do you mind if i game on hannah? she's kinda cute

dude 2: no man, go ahead, we'll be dickbros
by SmokinHotGinger January 13, 2017
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A blockbuster so bad/boring it feels like you're moving through sludge when watching it.
man #1: hey dude, did you see suicide squad last night?

man #2: yeah, it was a real sludgebuster tho
by SmokinHotGinger August 23, 2016
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In Norway we don't say "i love you", we say "jeg vippser deg en Kygo", and i think that's beautiful

#Vippse #Kygo
by SmokinHotGinger May 30, 2016
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Norwegian app for sending money. Also a verb meaning using the app.
"Hey man you owe me money"

"I will vippse you later"
by SmokinHotGinger May 30, 2016
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Drunk navigation is the built in GPS that kicks in when your done done at the club, and both you and your phone are dead.
dude: how did you get home last night? i tried to call you but i only got to voicemail

dude #2: yeah man, phone died, had to use my drunk navigation
by SmokinHotGinger October 7, 2016
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