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A fursuit style of costume is usually a elaborate full body costume constructed over a period of many months. The wearer may make their own costume or have another make it for them. They may be very elaborate and involve several different colors of fur. The head is usually sized to be more true to life.

There are several methods used to construct the head. Papier mache may be built up possibly on a wooden frame, but this usually results in a very heavy head. Foam blocks may be hollowed out and carved, then covered with fur. Plastic or fiberglass strips or wire may be formed into a frame and covered with papier-mache or other material. A hockey mask or other helmet may be used as a foundation to build a head.

The most elaborate heads are ultra custom made to form fit on a persons head. This is done by making a lifecast, or mold of a persons head. Lifecasts can also be made of the body and hands.

Some may apply one or more pieces of latex rubber, called prosthesis, shaped like muzzles or ears, to their head with spirit gum. The edges can be blended to the skin with some kind of putty or clay material. Then makeup can be applied over the prosthesis and face.

The body suit is usually constructed from several different colors and possibly lengths of fur. Usually there is belly fur of a contrasting color, usually light or white, reaching from the throat to near the groin. In come costumes, the zipper or other fastening is run along the seam between the belly fur and the body fur.

Tails are usually fur covered foam and are large and thick. They may be sewn directly to a costume if light weight, but larger and heavier tails require a butt plate. The butt plate is a shaped piece of plastic, leather, or other material held on the body with a belt. The butt plate provides a firm support for a heavy and/or large tail.

Paws and feet are usually elaborately done. Paws may include all five fingers or include just four fingers, or may have just the thumb free with all other fingers in a mitten. There are usually pads of a contrasting color made from leather or fur. Feet may be just covers going over street shoes and held on with elastic, or they may be elaborate anatomically detailed feet. The feet can be plantigrade, resembling human feet, or digitigrade, resembling animal feet.

The costume may be detailed with character clothing, jewelry, weapons, or other objects such as badges, staffs, etc.

One should try to be as original as one can when constructing a costume. Any characters as Chuck E. Cheese, Mickey Mouse, Tazmania, etc. are copyrighted and one could get into serious legal problems for copying the style of the costume too closely. Also copying another fursuiters costume too closely is not advisable either. Would you want your creation, that may have cost hundreds of dollars and taken a year to construct, copied by all and sundry?

Some furrys like to wear fursuits
by Sly Fox August 05, 2003
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A crafty mechivous person
That person is realy sly
by Sly Fox October 04, 2003
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Super n00by!

Invented by a guy named Chris.
This whole gayass town is nubtacular!
by Sly FoX August 11, 2005
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Means the same as pwned or owned; You beat someone at something badly.

Invented by a guy named Chris on Xbox Live, since stupid noobs report you saying pwned or owned as harrassment, you cant report something if you don't know what it means!
You got merked son!
Steady merking up the butt!
by Sly FoX August 11, 2005
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