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A person who listens to heavy metal non stop.

-Jeans. These can be found baggy as shit, or tight (veteran's style). Blue or black.
-Band shirt. Usually black with band logo or picture of band smeared across front. Concert shirts are a norm, they're a badge of honor.
-Hoody. Black, band logo.
-Chain. Long chain hanging from pants to scare the preps.
-Piercings. Traditional ear piercings are casual. Eyebrow is accepted as well.
-Hair. Either shoulder length or shaved.

Location: At Heavy metal concert or asleep in bed. At school can be found wandering the hallways playing airguitar, headbanging violently, or muttering, "infamous butcher, Angel of Death!!!"

Trademark: Quick flash of devil horns with hand to random victim.

Accepted bands:
-Lamb of God
-Mudvayne, etc...
Shawna: "Where's Kevin?"
Sebastian: "He must be at the library"
Zack: "Are you kidding me? That Metalhead is at the motherfucking SLAYER conert!!!"
by Slaytanic January 29, 2005
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Australian industrial grindcore band. The band of 4 wears creepy masks and plays at blistering speeds. Influenced by such bands as Napalm Death and Carcass. The blending of Industrial and Grindcore creates a genre known as Cybergrind. Their songs deal with the negative side of human nature.

Some song titles: Cannibal Right, Massacre, Burnt, Slit Down, Deform, Forever, Pure Hatred, Pain.
The Berzerker eats pieces of shit like Slipknot for breakfast.
by Slaytanic February 2, 2005
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An extremely brutal form of electronica which contains beats of 200-400 bpm. It's the equivelent of taking a jackhammer to the head. This music WILL most likely give you a headache if taken in large doses.

ScreamerClauz - Bloody Underwear
I listened to speedcore for 30 straight minutes and my ass exploded.
by Slaytanic February 13, 2005
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Infuser is a word used by men who are completely void of all intellegence and honor. Someone who loves to slurp up seman off of other mens chests.
Ken like to Infuser Chuck!
by Slaytanic December 11, 2004
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A filthy child murderer. He kidnapped and murdered dozens of children in the town of Springwood. He also raped prostitutes. He was a disturbed child who would kill hamsters in his spare time.

Later tracked down by the children of Springwood in his boiler room. They burnt him alive and now he haunts the children of elm street's dreams. He wears a red and green sweatshirt and brown fedora. He also has a razor glove. If he kills you in your dreams your dead in real life!

Has faced off against: Nancy Thompson, Jesse, Kristin, Alice, and Jason Voorhees.
by Slaytanic January 31, 2005
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An acronym for Red Anarchist Skinheads. The RASH are one of many different groups of skinheads. Members of this group contain: anarchists, communists, marxists, and other extreme lefts. The RASH reject all forms of racial prejudice and have no toleration for Nazis.
guy 1: Look at Eduardo, he's a skinhead who hates blacks, mexicans, and other minorities.

guy 2: No dude, he's a RASH.
by Slaytanic March 4, 2005
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A snazzier way of calling somebody a loser. It will leave them stunned and unable to speak for 15-20 minutes.
Tonya: "Lester, you're a buttfucking cockslut!"

Lester: :(
by Slaytanic January 31, 2005
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