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Acronym for the Kuwaiti Union of New Teachers (absolutely true).
Come join our union, and you too can be a KUNT.
by Skin March 18, 2004

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The act of a turd poking its top out of ones anus repeatedly
"Dude, pull the car over I gotta shit, I'm prarie dogging here"
by skin January 23, 2004

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Skin Heads Against Racial Pejudice.

the anti-racist skin head
look, that skin head is helping out that black guy, he must be a SHARP!
by skin April 22, 2005

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best furniture store ever. most of the stuff there is from europe and designed by euorpeans. makes taking your stuff home easy because they use the flat packing method.
i just easily brought my t.v. entertainment center home thaks to ikeas flat packing
by skin May 16, 2005

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a guy with a shaved head that listens to punk and ska. repesents the woking class. NOT ALL SKINHEADS ARE RACIST!!!!!! I AM A SKIN AND I HAVE PLENTY OF BLACK, HISPANIC, AND JEWISH FRIENDS!!!!!!
the only good skinheads are the SHARP ones
by skin April 22, 2005

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Some of the most BAD ASS people ever made. Hard core muther fuckers!
Don't mess with the Drill Sergeant or he will fuck you up like a soup sandwhich!
by skin February 07, 2004

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the ghetto verison of dr. pepper
kid: mommy, will you buy me a dr. pepper?
mother: no son, we are too poor. how about i buy you a dr. skipper instead?
by skin May 16, 2005

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