9 definitions by SkiNNy

A dirty nazi admin of the new zealand Xtra DC servers, he is very liberal with bannage, and tried to hump a certain DC player with the excuse of "playing leapfrog"
D4/\/\ |\| 1t!!1. D4t 5t00p1d adminh4xing fob Baal gav3 m3 teh 60mins from teh LV s3rv3r!!1!!1oneoneeleventwelve!!
by SkiNNy February 18, 2005
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A very fat ass; a very fat person.
Jesus H. Christ, look at that barge arse! I think the tide's coming in!
by SkiNNy July 20, 2003
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A piece or multiple pieces of feces; shit
by SkiNNy January 14, 2005
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To void feces from the bowels; deficate.
Those burritos went right through me - I need to doog.
by SkiNNy January 14, 2005
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A form of dildo shaped in the form of a Jaf
Hey DK, can I borrow your Jafdildo tonight?
by SkiNNy February 3, 2003
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The act of deficating; often used in conjunction with doog
Don't go to the bafroom - I just greezed a big ol' doog.
by SkiNNy January 14, 2005
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short for Tonya
a gurl who fat and ugly
think she pretty
think she skinny
think she has friend friend
she not pretty
not skinny
no one like her
she smells
has gracie hiat
by SkiNNy February 13, 2005
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