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A type of sex in which its good and does the job well but still not as good as the girls ex boyfriend
Peach: Hey mario i just did ur bro last night

Peach: It was good

Mario: Shut the fuck up, peach. You know it wasnt better then me

Peach: .....

Mario: Thats right bitch he aint no super mario hes always gonna be Super Luigi

Peach: ahhhhhh help Its bowser

Mario: Omg bowser seriously now is not the time to rape the princess
by Skellskull January 25, 2011

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A more odd way to type penis and most others would not know what it means if somebody typed it in. On the google translator this is the only way to make the computer say penis right.
Guy: Whats up

Fag: Paynus

Guy: What?!?!?!?

Fag: Paynus

Guy: I dont understand

by skellskull January 24, 2011

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