A Great Ape is a form the saiyans can take on where they grow in size and become very powerful. This form is accessed when a saiyan with their tail still attached looks at a full moon. A saiyans Great Ape form is considered to be one of the most if not the most strongest form a sayian can take on probably right below SSJ god but most saiyans don't have control over this form losing their mind but getting back from that with overwhelming beastly power,but you can get control over it and keep your intelligence. But their is another form like the Great Ape called "The Akari Transformation". The Akari Transformation is a version of the Great Ape where you get the raw power of a Great Ape without turning into one so you keep your speed and agility. this form was accessed by broly. But their is one last form called "SSJ4" which is just like The Akari Transformation but maybe even stronger this form was shown in "Dragon Ball GT".
Great Ape/users any saiyan with a tail

The Akari Transformation users/Broly DBS

SSJ4 users/Goku and Vegeta
by Raage June 18, 2022
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