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beyond hungry
I'm starvalating.
by sirius September 05, 2003
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A Sibling of the Female sex, whom's goal is to create complete hell for the older sibling.
Be nice to your sister.
by Sirius July 07, 2003
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Extreme Edition. The new chip in the Pentium 4 series. This chip blows the hell out of any other one. 3.4ghz with an 800mhz FSB and an L3 cache of 2mb. Some may say AMD's Opteron is better, but untill they make a chip that has a 2mb L3 cache, and runs comprable to 3.4ghz...Intel is "on top"
--all specs are as of 6/8/04
AMD FREAK: Yo man, I got an AMD Opteron
P4 FREAK: DUDE! You should've gone with the P4 EE, sure its $1,000 but it totally kicks AMD's ASS!!
by SiRius June 08, 2004
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