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In the world of Escorts and Spa/Studio, L3 (or Level 3) is full penis/vaginal sex. (See L1 and L2)
She gave me the best L3 I have ever bought.
by Lonny Xavior August 23, 2006
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To teabag in a videogame by using the crouch function after killing someone. Primarially used in Halo. Derived from the button used to execute the command.
After I got a no scope, I walked up to the body and proceeded to repeatedly L3 the corpse.
by Kemystboy March 11, 2009
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Used by the band The Matches to describe their concerts: Live, Loud, and Local
"Mother would trip if she saw the way that girl wears her clothes to the L3 shows."-The Matches "Say 18"
by Shanel April 04, 2005
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is the control on halo 3, to crouch...
when tapped repeatively, it is used to tea bag some one you killed...
Spartan 1: Haha, look at that dead elite guy...
Spartan 2: Im going to go tea bag him, how do you tea bag?
Spartan 1: L3!
by Frank Stanley September 07, 2009
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People online originally said elite. Then this changed to leet. Then this changed to L33t. Then this changed to 1337.

Now, the final evolution is L3.

1Rl3=I am L3
gamer1: 1RL3

gamer2: fuxj00 nub
by Jesse & Erik July 31, 2004
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