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6 definitions by SingleForeverTW

A person who isn’t a simp in any way.
Nonclassifieds are usuallly just normal boys on the internet.
by SingleForeverTW November 2, 2020
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Probably the most fucked up debate in American history. It's mainly about this racist dumbass interrupting his opponent.
The 2020 debate is such a disaster!
by SingleForeverTW October 31, 2020
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Something that makes me wanna cum when I wake up
I keep getting morning erections and end up having cum all over my cock
by SingleForeverTW July 13, 2021
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A word that describes zeonics (or whatever his real name is)
Zeonics is a weeb, it’s a proven fact.
by SingleForeverTW December 13, 2020
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