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A juicy and delicious part of the female body located below the navel and directly above the taint. Usually served warm with a generous portion of thighs.
Billy got lucky with Sally the other night. He ordered a fur burger and a bucket of thighs and ate the whole thing.
by Silly Bill February 10, 2010

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A person who delights in the torture of small helpless animals. Most commonly a young male trait. Many times the condition is outgrown with the coming of adolescence when the young man's strange behavior becomes the topic of pretty little girls.
Sally "Did you see all the dead animal carcasses in Billy's back yard?"

Susie "Yeah, I always thought he was a bit of a frogmangler."
by Silly Bill October 18, 2009

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A person who enters the anal canal during a sexual encounter without his partners consent. Gives new meaning to the term "Booty".
Sally "Billy took it a little too far last night, he said it slipped but I don't believe him."

Susie "You know Sally, I always knew Billy was a Butt Pirate."
by Silly Bill February 10, 2010

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Term used to describe the female genitalia after menopause when the juices stop flowing and the fur becomes unmanageable.
Billy said Sally had a nice slice back in the day, but now it is a dried up whisker biscuit.
by Silly Bill February 10, 2010

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