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A three-dimensional object resembling a 2 dimensional oblong (or ellipsoidal shape).
The Earth is more correctly classified as an obloid rather than a spheroid due to its equatorial bulge.
by SidWreck March 16, 2010

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1. a philosophi-troll is a person who interjects an opinion or any other irrational bias into a philosophical discussion. This includes, but is not limited to any of the following:
-Taking offense to any particular supporting point of the philosophical argument without taking into account its place in the structure of the argument
-contesting the argument on emotional grounds, or
-contesting semantics within any particular supporting point of the argument, especially if done so before hearing the conclusion of the thesis.

2. an internet troll who posts on philosophical discussion forums.
"Hey Vanessa. How was philosophy club?"
"You know. The normal. We had a good discussion going about free will vs determinism until this philosophi-troll started harping on about how the bible says God gave us free will."
by SidWreck January 10, 2010

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The incorrect term for someone who loves words.
The lingui- prefix comes from the word linguistic, but there is no basis to make this determination when fusing the word linguistics with the suffix -phile. In any case, the root for linguistics is "Logo", which stands for "words". Therefore, a lover of words would more correctly be called a Logophile.
"Man. I just LOVE words. I'm a linguiphile."
"If you REALLY loved words, you'd know the word is "logophile", you fucking tool."
by SidWreck January 05, 2010

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