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Short for "My Super Sweet 16", THE worst show on television ever.

Aired on MTV, SS16 shows how stupid bitches get mommy to do whatever they want for their 16th b-day. Almost every wish is attended to and whenever just one thing goes out of line you're guarenteed to LYAO due to the persuing bitching and complaining. According to sources the average amount spent on these uninformed tards is $463,700.

SS16, along with shows like The Real World, TRL and others have sparked international controversy and have sparked calls for change at MTV.

-What's your favorite show on TV?
-Anything but SS16.
by Sid Barrett June 27, 2007

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1. The one and only band you need to be aware of.

2. An alcoholic drink. Typically made like this: fill a pint glass with ice. Add 1/2 oz of the following: vodka, gin, light rum and tequila. Fill almost to the top with either sour or sweet & sour mix. Shake or stir vigorously if no shaker is available. Add straw and drink. Bartenders will typically leave more space than usual when adding sour or sweet & sour mix and will top with equal parts of Chambord/razzmatazz and Blue Curacao to create a color effect for presentation. No matter which way you make it this drink NEVER gets any kind of garnish unless specifically requested by a customer.
1. Can I get some Grateful Dead?

2. Can I get a Grateful Dead?
by Sid Barrett January 07, 2010

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The White Screen of Death is any screen with a white background that appears on an iPod when it is broken beyond repair. These screens are usually accompanied by a face with red X's for eyes and a frowny face and says something like "Please go to apple.com/support for assistance".

A white screen of death is almost guarenteed after dropping an iPod (along with a cracked screen), dropping the iPod in water, someone steps on the iPod or the stars align in such a way that your iPod just suddenly doesn't work for no apparent reason. This is linked to the Blue Screen of Death in old Windows computers and also the Red Ring of Death in XBox 360's.
The White Screen of Death is why I now have a Creative.
by Sid Barrett August 07, 2007

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The South Beach Diet is a 3 phase diet created by cardiologist Arthur Agatston from Miami (hence the name of the diet) which stresses the idea of eating "good carbs and good fats" and staying away from "bad carbs and bad fats".

The idea is that you will develop a better insulin resistance which will help you keep your metabolism in shape. It is highly advised in the diet that people stay away from saturated fats and trans fats.

There are certain foods that are permitted and certain foods that are advised against. The diet has therefore come under fire for being too restrictive and not examining more foods to be placed in these 2 categories.

The South Beach Diet is the main competitor of Weight Watchers. The 2 programs have had bitter battles for participants including advertising wars, claims against each other, boasting of their accomplishments and much more. For these reasons some former followers of these diets have resorted to diet pills, some of the most dangerous diet solutions on the market.

Her diet was going well, she was on the South Beach Diet and couldn't stand the foods being practically rationed but she was losing weight.
by Sid Barrett July 03, 2007

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One of the most parodied video games of all time.

Examples of Kingdom Hearts 2 parodies:

"I can fly-y-y-y (chorus in background) ((as Xemnas opens the Final Door))" -lol, Kingdom Hearts (YouTube)

"((Struggle battles clips with fat guy, Axel and some other guy)) -My name is Thurgood

-Hi, Thurgood!

-Hi, I'm here today because I'm addicted, to marijuana.


-You in here, said marijuana?? Marijuana, man this some bullshit!

-Marijuana is not a drug, I used to suck dick for coke.

-I' seen 'em!

-Now that's an addiction man! You ever suck some dick for marijuana?? ((Axel brandishes his spinny things whatever the hell they are))


-Mmm, no. I can't say I have.

-I didn't think so." -Kingdom Hearts 2 WTF

"((Shakira's 'Hips Don't Lie' plays synchornized with Ursula clips))" -Kingdom Hearts 2 WTF: The Sequel

"(('I Like to Move It' plays synchornized with various Axel and Saïx clips))" -kingdom hearts on crack 12 parody ~The Classics~
by Sid Barrett June 23, 2007

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The opposite of overboard; not enough of something or some kind of extreme lack of something.
Mom: Beth Ann, don't go underboard on your school work with your texting!

Beth Ann: OMGINBD!
by Sid Barrett February 15, 2009

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