5 definitions by Shmavery

When you get more responsibility at work but no raise.
Person 1- "Oh wow Daves the supervisor now"

Person 2- "Yeah but he still makes the same as us"

Person 1- " Ha, looks like he got a millennial promotion"
by Shmavery December 10, 2018
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A wanna be redneck that lives within a short driving distance of a major city and enjoys all the luxuries of said city, but act like they live in nowhere, Alabama. generally buy all their gear at bass pro shop, dress like a cowboy, drive around in a over sized brand new truck, listen to Luke Bryan and Taylor swift, work in a successful trade yet act like they are oppressed and hate immigrants.
Look at that Bass Pro redneck, probably never dug out a shit house in his life.
by Shmavery September 24, 2019
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Im going down to the gold age club to see if i can find me a gummy bear
by Shmavery October 14, 2019
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A graying boomer snowflake who gets offended about changes in the world that they don't understand.
Look how upset old Uncle Bill is getting about the amount of choices on the Café menu, what a silverflake.
by Shmavery August 22, 2022
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