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Silenced by a lady, especially by the self assumed more powerful woman.
My wife and I had an argument; she yelled and I Manmohaned!
by Shadystotle September 02, 2013

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The Long Island Ice Tea makes you do things you normally wouldn't do, like lifting your skirt in public or calling someone you normally wouldn't call at really weird times.

It is extremely seductive but fickle. A fair weather friend who seems benigned but packs a whallop like a donkey kick, and that is the Long Island Ice Tea.
Example : On his last day in Hyderabad, he got Long Island Iced Tea -ed !!!!
by Shadystotle April 26, 2010

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A place in India:

where you will not find :

- water, public transport, electricity, infrastructure, safety, sanity, roads, good people

where you will find :

- dust, bad roads, traffic jams, huge malls, cabs, gujjar boys, all night thekas and alu parathas.
She doesn't love her life anymore, that's why she is going for a walk alone in gurgaon after 10pm.
by Shadystotle July 26, 2011

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'Chotu' is the common Indian Chaiwallah.

His intrinsic chai providing characterstick is what makes him Chotu no matter what his real name or age is.
Ai Chotu, chal do chai le ke aa, malai maar ke !
by Shadystotle August 11, 2009

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Italian High Quality Leather Bag.
I am getting late for Office, Quickly get me my lebriefcase.
by Shadystotle November 14, 2006

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